IACC Announces Strategic Alliance with MPI

IACC has agreed terms for a strategic partnership with MPI, the largest global meetings and events industry association. The alliance will see the two organisations working to advance the global events community using shared knowledge and connected intelligence.

The partnership engages on multiple platforms with MPI’s diverse and substantial network of more than 90,000 meeting and event professionals across 70 chapters to promote the world’s best meeting venues and bring together the brightest industry minds. 

The MPI partnership reinforces IACC’s commitment to supporting every one of its 400 member venues with advanced research and resources as well as prime networking opportunities.

IACC and MPI will collaborate on a number of initiatives including thought leadership discussions as well as the creation of content and campaigns that reinforce equity, diversity, inclusion, and wellness as key components to a successful sector. Together, the organisations will share education at their live events and develop online learning platforms to deliver rich resources in the form of blogs, webinars, and best practice briefings.

There will be a IACC Global Village at MPI World Education Congress in Mexico in June 2023. If you are a IACC member and interested to hear more about exhibiting email info@iacconline.org.  Full details to follow in the coming weeks.  

Paul van Deventer, Annette Gregg, Jessie States and Mark Cooper announce the partnership at IMEX Americas, Las Vegas. 

Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC commented:

“I am delighted to announce this new phase of an already long-standing global partnership between IACC and MPI. Through connected intelligence, we will complement each other’s crucial work in advancing the industry and deliver additional benefits for our respective members. We are proud of the work IACC has achieved and the opportunities we continue to deliver for our ever-growing membership. The alliance with MPI will allow us to build on that work and to support MPI’s membership and the wider industry as we drive further change and growth.”

“Over the past 50 years, MPI has been at the forefront of advancing the meeting and events industry and professionals within,” said Paul Van Deventer, President and CEO of MPI.

“This formal alliance with IACC creates a strong platform for us to work together, build on and share their deep industry insights, collective community trust, and wealth of robust resources which, through shared collaboration, will ensure the promotion and growth of the industry.”

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