IACC Meeting Room of The Future Trends Report Published – June 2023

View the full report below and download the infographic highlights here 2023 Infographic.

IACC is pleased to present a ground-breaking report that combines research and insights from 275 meeting planners worldwide, into the future role for hotels and venues, trends in areas such as physical attributes, food and beverage, technology and social impact. These evolving trends in conference attendee behaviours and needs will shape the future for conferences, meetings and events up to 250 attendees for the next 3 years and beyond.

In this report, the first to seek the opinions of those arranging business events since 2019, supports the widely held view that the creative experiences and relationships build at live events cannot be replicated through technology alone, but that Digitally Live Events will remain a feature for successful companies and communities.

June 2023 Meeting Planner Survey Inspired Report

IACC Meeting Room of the Future June 2023 Report

June 2023 Meeting Planner Survey Report Highlights Infographic

Report Highlights Infographic

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About the Project

Predict. Create. Shape.  IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ is an initiative led by IACC, sharing the association’s vision on what meeting rooms will look like in future. The annual report brings together research, trends and innovations with the single goal of predicting, creating and shaping the future of meeting environments.

The IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ initiative surveys the industry, including planners, meeting hosts, delegates, operators and suppliers, with the aim of understanding needs and predicting the potential to evolve.

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Opportunities to participate

IACC is offering key industry partners the opportunity to participate in the next IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ initiative. The initiative will include IACC members, supplier partners, Industry Associations and other bright minds with a passion for the meetings experience!

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Companies and individuals who support this initiative will receive:

  • Appropriate recognition at IACC conferences, events and at other industry events where the results are presented
  • Pre-release copy of key survey findings
  • Opportunity to contribute to the research design
  • Opportunity to provide products, services, expertise and knowledge to design, equip and promote the IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ concept at IACC conferences and events
  • Quoted in at least 2 press releases and industry articles where IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ is featured, including press interviews
  • Supporter/Contributor recognition on the IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ web page on IACCmeetings.com and IACConline.org

For further information on how to become involved in the IACC Meeting Room of The Future™ initiative, email Kate Bacon kbacon@iacconline.org or call +44 2030 478 0274 or +1 312 224 2580  to reserve your partner status today.


“I shared the above report with our CEO and other executives at Encore Global and all were very impressed. Everyone who’s seen and read it are very impressed and excited to see how we can get more involved.”

– Joe Santo, Vice President Business Development, Encore Global

“We are very excited to partner with IACC on this project and congratulate all involved in creating this valuable research and report. We are excited about the possibility of digging deeper into the subject of evolving meeting spaces and studying the impact they have on meeting performance.”

– Jessie States, Manager professional Development, Meeting Professionals International

“We are in the middle of a £50m strategic repositioning and investment program for our meeting spaces in our UK venue portfolio and IACC’s study and research into this area will be of great value for us. It is like a ‘breath of fresh air’ to see research of this type.”

– Alan Corlett, COO, De Vere Hotels, UK

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