Resources for Sustainable Workplace Practices

IACC Venues Putting the Heart Back Into Hospitality

As operational leaders, we must commit to reimagining the future for our employees in the same way we have adapted and reinvented guest experiences over the last 18-months. By putting the heart back into hospitality, fostering supportive and growth-oriented work environments, we can create loyal teams, sustainable business, and a brighter outlook for the industry at large. So how do we shift away from being employers of need?

IACC venues are encouraged to invest and think differently about the following principles:

  • Prioritising mental health and wellbeing programs to ensure that people feel wanted and valued in the workplace.
  • Protect our existing workforces by implementing policies that support fair wages, work/life balance and view individuals in a holistic sense.
  • Foster inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and practice workplace equity.
  • Provide training programs and experiences that develop employee skill sets that those entering the industry will value and benefit from.
  • Adopt technologies that support business models and employees alike.
  • Invest in future generations through collaborations and partnerships with hospitality schools, promoting internship opportunities and mentoring
  • Help young people to grow and progress their careers in the industry.

Forthcoming IACC Webinars & Education

IACC Shorts: Rebuilding your IACC venue workforce to thrive!: 45 minute virtual led discussion. Register here.

IACC Europe Knowledge Festival: Join IACC leaders on 23-25 September 2022 in the Netherlands and engage in a series of educational sessions centred on recruitment and reskilling. Register here.


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