IACC Global Copper Skillet Competition

The IACC Global Copper Skillet Global Finale took place at the  IACC Americas Knowledge Exchange 2023 at the JB Duke hotel, Durham, North Carolina. Chefs from across the globe competed in regional heats in pursuit of taking part in the coveted IACC Global Copper Skillet Final which took take place during the conference on April 04, 2023.

2023 Winners


Senior Winner
Nicholas Eltz
Babson Exceutive Conference Center – Flik Hospitality


Junior Winner
Katie Keith
Benchmark Hosptality

About the Competition

IACC recognises the vital role that foodservice plays in conference venue operations. As a result, IACC stages a Annual Copper Skillet Global Chef of the Year Competition.

This competition is designed to highlight the artistry and skills of IACC-member conference venue chefs from around the world and to honour their contributions to our shared goal of providing an outstanding conference experience.

Competition Categories

There are two categories of entry, a senior category (26 years of age and older) and a junior category (under 26 years). Both categories compete in the same cook-off, with the same competition rules.

Heats and Finals

Chefs will first participate in their country competition and winners will then go straight to the Global Final . There are currently three chapters, Americas, Europe and Australia Asia Pacific).

Rules and Competition Details

Chefs will be required to create an entrée using contents from a Mystery Basket. The entrée will consist of two proteins, plus items from the attached pantry list and the chef will present two identical plates, one for judging and one for viewing by the audience.

An independent panel of judges evaluate the entrées according to set criteria. The champion Junior and Champion Senior chef of each heat, will progress to the next competition, right up to the Global Copper Skillet Final at the IACC-Americas Annual Conference.

In all competition heats, each chef will use the ingredients from the Mystery Basket plus provided pantry items to prepare a dish that is functional for service at a conference venue.

Details of country and chapter cook-off dates as well as the global final can be found on the IACC Events Page.

If you require further information on entering a Copper Skillet Competition or to express interest in advertising at one of these events, please email info@iacconline.org.

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