Member Social Impact Dashboard

IACC venues make a huge global difference in driving social change. By way of this global dashboard, IACC’s significant global impact on people, communities and the environment can be seen by way of the hours given, the money raised and the contributions members make to changing lives.

IACC Global Members Social Impact

2021 Numbers To Date:


IACC is leveraging our considerable scale to promote and support social awareness across 3 important dimensions; People, Community and Environment. All Sustainability and Social Responsibility initiatives in 2020 will sit under one of these pillars.

Over 35,000 staff work for IACC member organisations globally. We will increase access to knowledge and education at all levels, across all continents. We commit to delivering world-class education and innovation-sharing across several meetings industry constituencies; hospitality staff, meeting attendees, conference planners and other meeting professionals.

One of IACC’s greatest resources is our depth of knowledge as thought leaders in creating successful outcomes and experiences for small to mid-sized conferences, meetings and training.

One way to achieve our goal is by investing in online informational repositories which help members get to the information they need or the expert opinion they seek quickly to make informed decisions.

One of the best ways to share information and best practices is through case studies.

A gift of cash made via check, credit card or fund transfer to a nonprofit organization to help it achieve its stated goals.

Donations of tangible goods in lieu of cash.  These include tangible goods, supplies or professional services that have been extended free of charge permanently or for a pre-determined period of time.  

Examples: Laundry Services, Food, Equipment, Computers, Computer Software, Office Equipment, Group Transportation, Marketing services

Facilitation of service hours in the community by a group of employees organized through the company in which they are employed.  The sponsoring corporation is paying their team members to volunteer time towards a specific community event or service and often are assisted or joined by other corporate partners.

Example: Serve Meals at Food Bank, Paint over public graffiti, Public Park or beach cleanup

Employee hours dedicated by a corporation towards Social Responsibility continuous initiatives that are philanthropic, environmentally beneficial, socially responsible that directly benefit society as a whole.  

Examples: Children’s Reading programs, Community Health Progrmas,, Employee Mentoring Program, Job Shadowing Program, Mental Health Programs,  Local School and charity support. 

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