Global Staff Exchange Program – Invest in Talent, Don’t Lose It!

IACC’s Global Staff Exchange Program is a vital tool to retain your existing talent and build experience for staff of IACC member venues. Don’t lose your talent because they need to experience other businesses and operations. Instead, invest in them by allowing team members to work in another IACC venue in another city, country or continent!

An easy, affordable framework through which any IACC member can send a employee to work in an IACC property in another country. Click on one of the following links to register now.

Click here to view Exchange Employee Guidelines

Register your interest to participate in an exchange or Register interest to be a host venue to receive an exchange employee

Click here to view Host Venue Guidelines

What are the benefits of a Global Staff Exchange? Exchanges provide many benefits for participants and hosts. Participants gain new skills, motivation, new perspectives and an expanded network; plus it is a development reward for outstanding achievement. Host properties gain a enthusiastic motivated staff person with different skills and new perspectives; staff at the host property gain additional motivation as they participate in the exchange. Past IACC exchanges have prompted lifelong cross-cultural relationships.

Who can participate in a Global Exchange? Any staff person from any department is eligible for this program. It could be a Chef, Director of Operations, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Front Office Manager or anyone else who would benefit from exposure to other conference venues in a different environment.

How long is the exchange period? An exchange may be arranged for any time period that is acceptable to the sending and host IACC venues and that does not exceed the maximum time for a Visitors Permit between the two countries. The exchange can be from 2 weeks to 4 months, there are no limits, as long as it suits both parties.

What costs are involved? There are no fees associated with this program. The staff members employer is responsible for their travel expenses and must continue to pay the employee’s salary during the exchange. The host property takes care of the staff member’s lodging and meals during the exchange.

Where can we send a staff member? You can send a staff members to any other country in which IACC has a member—currently in Australia, New Zealand,  Belgium, Italy, Canada, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or the United States. IACC has Staff Exchange Liaisons in each country to help facilitate exchanges according to your parameters (type and size of conference venue, time of year, availability, etc.).

Do exchanges need to be reciprocal? No. While the exchange can be reciprocal, you may also send without hosting or host without sending.

What if I’d like to host one or more staff members from other countries? IACC maintains a list of registered “Hosts” who are willing to host staff from other countries and who agree to abide by the guidelines of the Global Staff Exchange Program. To register as a Host, Click here.

How can I arrange an exchange? You can begin the process by clicking here or contacting Kate Bacon at

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