IACC Internet Guide for Meeting Planners and Venues

Our reliance on event internet is continually increasing as it is used more and more to communicate and interact with audiences within and externally to the conference or meeting. This simple guide has been created to help you understand the basics and jargon used when discussing internet for conferences.

This easy to reference guide covers:

  1. Getting the Basics Right & Event Objectives
  2. What Internet Related Services are Required
  3. Understanding Basic Terms
  4. Determining the Event Wi-Fi Needs
  5. Basic Information Gathering
  6. How to Estimate Required Bandwidth
  7. Bandwidth Requirements by Activity Table
  8. The Price Question – How to Buy Internet?
  9. Questions Venues Should Ask & Meeting Planners Should Share Upfront
  10. Other guides and Useful links
IACC-Guide to Conf-MeetingsInternet

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