IACC for Meeting Planners

Creating meeting experiences that engage and ignite attendees is an ever-evolving need. Whether it is incorporating the latest technologies, or accommodating ever changing dietary requirements, IACC member venues offer the creative meeting solutions meeting planners need to deliver experiences that will inspire.

Making up the top 1% of small to medium sized meeting venues globally, IACC provides meeting planners with immediate access to unique and premier venues around the world through our find a venue tool whilst keeping you on top of trends in meeting design and the constantly changing requirements in food and beverage, through our industry reports and insights.

Only IACC has brought together the brightest and most passionate meeting professionals and venues in one place with the core goal of progressing the meetings industry, and providing meeting planners and venues alike with the tools, insights and reports they need to do so.

There are meetings… And then there are IACC meetings.

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